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Another Rainy Monday

Birds collected in the tops of trees this morning as the weather switched back and forth between mist and rain.

J and I hit a couple of shops this afternoon, but came away empty-handed.  I’m hoping to replace my glassware with a shiny, new set in time for the holidays.  There are a couple of other places to check if we have time.  If not, I’ll pick up the search again after Thanksgiving.  But not on Friday.  The rush and crush of Black Friday just isn’t for me.

It’s Monday knit night and I’m looking for a project to take.  I’m avoiding all the WIPs on the needles and in the baskets.  The lace requires too much concentration.  The afghan is just too big and cumbersome.  I’m turning the heel on my sock and am sure to make a mistake if I don’t pay attention.  So this is what I’m taking . . .

. . . another waffle knit dishcloth.  I could knit this pattern in my sleep by now.  I like it that much.  And it’s the perfect project to take along.  I can knit and chat with no worries.

I hope you’ve had a good start to the week.  Thanks so much for visiting a minute with me.

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2 thoughts on “Another Rainy Monday

  1. I hope you find a new set of glasses before Thanksgiving. Me & Mk have a tradition of buying 2 new glasses every year for New Years. I have never been one to go shopping on Black Friday that is just way to much pushing & shoving for me.


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