November TUSAL Update

Time for November’s Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long (TUSAL) Ort Report.

Added to the jar this month

::  yarn scraps from the Curly Purly Pumpkin, hexipuffs, and dishcloths

::  lifelines from two lace shawls, Celeste and the Knitting Game

::  threads from Falling Leaves (still not finished) and a holiday ornament

The jar is filling fast.  I’ll have to really scrunch the threads to make room in the jar for next month’s orts.  Next new moon is Christmas Eve!

TUSAL gives me a chance to reflect on my projects each month.  And it’s fun to see what other TUSALers are up to.  I’ve already signed up for TUSAL 2012.  Sharon @ It’s Daffycat is hosting TUSAL again for next year.  I’ve already signed up.  You can get more information about how to join and participate here.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and have survived the Black Friday sales.  Thanks for visiting with me.

NaBloPoMo  ::  22/30


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