Plans for 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!  We’ve had a busy start to 2012.

Lots of very noisy fireworks started at 8 pm on New Year’s Eve.  The loud booms frighten Sydney terribly, so we spent much of the evening trying to calm and keep her from tunneling her way into every corner in the house.  Poor thing didn’t climb into her bed until around 1:30 in the morning.  We had a nice lunch out with Mom on New Year’s Day.  School started back for J on Monday and we met more family for lunch so that they could spend a little extra time with T before he heads back to Athens on Thursday.  The drive home was slow due to a light snow and icy intersections.  Suddenly we find ourselves with real winter weather.

Thankfully, things have slowed down for me today and I’ve had a little time to think about plans for the new year.  I’ve mentioned before (I think) that I don’t do resolutions.  But I do try to take a little time at the beginning of the new year to reflect, evaluate and set my focus.  So . . .

Plans for 2012

1. Put exercise and diet back in focus.  I absolutely have to get daily exercise off the back burner and be more mindful of my diet.  That’s it.  No excuses.  I thought it might help to state that in writing, on the blog, for others to see.  I’m not really planning to document that journey here, but I may check in occasionally.

2. Be a better blogging buddy.  Which means I’ll blog more consistently, keeping an eye out for the little things that make life interesting.  AND comment more consistently on the blogs I read regularly.  

3. Continue the Photo Blog.  As the year came to a close, I gave some thought to giving up or cutting back on the photo blog.  New Year’s Day I snapped a photo of the sunrise, snow on January 2nd and this morning my first thought was to capture the frost crystals on the kitchen window for the Photo Blog.  A sign that I should continue Project 365 366 this year?

I wrote these goals in the new crafting journal.

4. Resist the urge to “join” every KAL/CAL/SAL/RAL that catches my eye.  I will join some but last year I got so carried away that I put a lot of pressure on myself, started projects without a plan and finally gave up on some groups completely.  I will continue to participate in Dogs on Thursday, Teaser Tuesdays or Yarn Along, Totally Useless Stitch-Along (TUSAL) and the spring and fall reading challenges.

5. Finish or Frog WIPs.  It’s time to reclaim the fibers and fabrics tied up in projects that don’t interest me anymore.

6. Curb the lace shawl obsession.  I love knitting lace shawls, but how many does a person really need.

7. 12 Socks in 2012.  OK.  In spite of goal 4, I joined this group on Ravelry in order to deal with goal 6.  It made sense at the time.  I don’t think it’s possible for someone to have too many socks.  Here’s the start of my first pair.  I’ll tell you more tomorrow.


8. Learn to use the drop spindle.  I received 2 different spindles and 2 books for Christmas.  I can’t wait to get started.

That’s enough, don’t you think?  Do you have resolutions/goals/plans for the new year?  If you care to share, I promise to cheer you on.

Thank you so much for your visits and comments.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Plans for 2012

  1. All good goals for the new year. I especially like number 4 & 5.
    I need to have those goals for myself this year. It is so hard to resist a kal, especially mystery ones!


  2. That looks like a very pretty sock pattern, Janet. I have a number of socks that are missing their mate, so that’s one of my goals for 2012, to finish them. I also need to get back to cross stitching and some long standing WIPs. Have you read anything good lately? It’s been pretty crazy busy here. Happy New Year!


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