Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday

Sydney’s pouting a bit today.  T left this morning and won’t be back until summer sometime.  She loves having “her boy” home for the holidays and hates to see him leave.  So do we!

She began to get suspicious when T began to pack.

Bags starting stacking up in the hallway.

Time for hugs.  Lots of hugs because they’ll have to last her a long time.

After a nap, we took Sydney out for a special treat.  Lunch at Sonic and her favorite tater tots.

She’ll poke around in T’s room a couple of times today and tomorrow and then settle down.  It’s hard on a pup when “her boy” lives so far away.




2 thoughts on “Dogs on Thursday

  1. Awe… poor Sidney. MaggieMae gets so excited when one of my daughters/family comes to visit. We don’t get a lot of visitors. She runs circles in the living room! I guess I need to bump up the amount of “attention time” I give her!

    Happy New Year …


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