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Yarn Along/WIP Wednesday

Ginny @ Small Things hosts Yarn Along every Wednesday where folks share their current knitting/crochet project and book.

The sock knitting is coming along well.  I’ve finished 2 pair since January 1st and am half-way through the first “heart” sock.  I’m rarely so focused on one project.  So it was inevitable that I was distracted last night.

After browsing through patterns and projects on Ravelry, I cast on a cover for my Kindle.  Several revisions later, I’ve decided on a design of own with a simple off-centered cable.  Not too far along, but I’m pretty pleased so far.

I made myself stop and finish Sarah’s Key last week; it just couldn’t be read in short spurts anymore.  Lovely, moving story.  Next up is a book I downloaded for free on the Kindle a little while back, Ryan’s Return by Barbara Freethy.  I’m only a short way into the story.

I’m also linking up with Tami Amis WIP Wednesday.  Between Yarn Along and WIP Wednesday, there are lots of pretty projects to be seen.  I’m heading over in a bit to see what’s going on.

Thanks for visiting me today.  Enjoy your Wednesday!



5 thoughts on “Yarn Along/WIP Wednesday

  1. Looks like you’ve made a good start on your Kindle cover. I repurposed a neoprene pencil case from the book store for my eReader cover. After my lunch tupperware opening and spilling in my bag yesterday, I’m relieved it was covered!


  2. That is going to be a cute kindle cover. Good for you for making up the pattern. So you liked Sarah’s Key? I’ve been afraid to read it in case it is too sad. Maybe I should give it a try.


  3. Ooooh, clever! And such a wonderful colour! It’s a funny thing, those knitting distractions. Often, while I work on one project, my mind wanders off to another that I MUST start IMMEDIATELY.



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