As the Saying Goes . . .

If you don’t like the weather, just wait a bit and it’ll change.  Our weather has run the gamut in the past week, from lovely sunshine to brutal storms in a few days time.

Wednesday, 2.29.12, Serious thunderstorms and tornado warnings
Thursday, 3.1.12, Bright sunshine
Friday, 3.2.12, Thunderstorms and brutal tornadoes tore through the state
Monday, 3.5.12, A blanket of snow

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Several areas in our state (and others) were hit hard by tornadoes last week.  We escaped damage in our area.  My heart goes out to those who were not so lucky.  A LYS is collecting knit and crochet squares to be put together as blankets for those affected by the storms.

So I’ve set aside the socks for a bit to see how many blocks I can make this week.  I’m knitting them right now, but may switch to crochet because I think it might be a little quicker.  I’ll let you know how it goes.



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