WIP Wednesday ~ Granny Stripe Afghan

Happy Wednesday!  How’s your week been going so far?  Our weather has been outstanding, warm and sunny.  I’m falling behind on sprucing up the garden beds.  Spring plants are already budding and blooming like crazy.  We’re supposed to have rain the rest of the week, starting tomorrow.  I need to do some serious weeding today.  But before I head outside, I have a crochet WIP to share.

I’m still enjoying my sock knitting and now have 5 pairs completed toward my goal of 12 socks in 2012.  Ready to turn the heels on the Duckies and the Elementary Watson socks (shared last Wednesday).  This week, I thought I’d take a break from socks and share a different project.

Say hello to the Granny Stripe Afghan (pattern by Lucy @ Attic 24).  It was started at the end of February as a distraction from socks and has been spread out on T’s bed for weeks waiting for a little attention.  I’m using yarns left over from 2-3 other projects and loving the way the colors are coming together.  The stripes are a “controlled random”, if that’s possible.  I lay out the 8 skeins in an order that pleases, crochet the stripes in that order, rearrange the 8 skeins to suit and crochet another set.  The goal is to use up the leftovers (although I’m pretty sure I’ll need to buy more before all’s said and done) and there’s no deadline on getting it finished.  Fun and easy!

Be sure to visit Tami’s blog and see what other folks have on their needles and hooks this week.

I’m headed outside in a bit to battle the weeds.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Your visits and comments are very much appreciated!



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