Saturday Spindling ~ Aha!

Last Saturday’s spinning post was . . . well . . . not very positive.  I was in a slump and there was some whining involved.  I’m really sorry about that.  

After I posted, I took a deep breath, read through books (again) and watched YouTube videos (again).  When I picked up the spindle, gave it a twist and started drafting . . . Aha! . . . it all started to click.

If you look back at last week’s photos and compare them to this week’s progress (above), you’ll see what I mean.  The yarn is so much more consistent and much closer to the size I want to be able to spin.  I’m feeling much better.  

 Now . . . I’m wondering a bit about twist.  Is there enough, too much, how do I tell?  I’m pretty sure that I don’t have too little.  I’m going to finish up with this roving (Knit Picks Bare Wool of the Andes) and give plying a try.  I should be able to tell more about the twist.  There won’t be very much yardage, but that’s not really my focus right now.

So . . . 

I’ve signed up for the Tour de Fleece which starts June 30 and ends July 22.  I bought some new roving in two gorgeous colors, persimmon heather and dill heather, and am sticking with Wool of the Andes since that’s what’s working well now.  My goal for the TDF is very simple —  spin every day and work on consistent diameter and twist.

Speaking of practice, I need to spend a little more time with my spindle today.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy the weekend!


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  1. That is pretty much the same goal I have for Tour de Fleece as well! I check my twist by letting it kind of twist back up on itself. If it has too little it will be fluffy and not look like it is spun.


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