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Saturday Spindling ~ TdF Update

I’m back!  We’ve been traveling.  We had four days on the road and three very busy days visiting family at the beach and visiting new family to talk about wedding plans.  There was little no time for blogging.  No writing, no reading.  As soon as we got home we jumped right back into a busy schedule —  Mom’s doctor appointment, Sydney’s vet appointment, laundry, grocery . . . .  Now that it’s slowing down a bit, I’m back!

One of my goals for the TdF was to spin every day to improve my skill and build my arm and shoulder strength.  The persimmon fiber was packed for the trip and I was able to spin each day we were away, some days more than others.  I did quite a bit at my aunt’s house and even got a little done in the hotel on the trip back.  I have just over an ounce remaining and hope to get this finished before the Tour ends.

Once home, I switched to the Fiber Optics polwarth for a little variety.  The CD spindle (more about that later) is so light and has a smooth spin.  I’m getting a very thin yarn and am anxious to see how this plies.

At the end of the second week of the Tour, here’s my progress.  One week left.

2.4 oz persimmon peruvian Wool of the Andes
.8 oz robin’s egg batik Fiber Optics polwarth

One more thing to share.  Just before we left, the first spindle was getting wobbly so I decided to wind off the fiber and start with an empty spindle for the trip.  The fiber started slipping and then just “exploded”.  What a mess.  I just couldn’t deal with the tangle so I left it until we returned from our trip.  Yesterday it was patiently untangled and now I have about an ounce of the Wool of the Andes persimmon heather resting on a cardboard tube.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by.  Your visits and comments are always appreciated.  Have a great weekend!

NOTE:  I’ve tried off and on since 9 this morning to get this posted.  Text wasn’t saving, photos weren’t importing.  WordPress and/or my Internet service was not being cooperative.  To be honest, I’ve forgotten half of what I wanted to share.  I hope all is working now. Tomorrow is another day           🙂


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  1. Sounds like a fun and busy time. Looks to me like you accomplished lots of spinning in spite of the busyness. A wedding in the works? Fun!!!


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