Tour de Fleece 2012 ~ Wrap Up

This year’s Tour de Fleece has come to an end.  Goals for my first Tour were pretty simple — spin every day, work on consistency and have fun.    I feel pretty good about my performance.

The 3.5 oz of Wool of the Andes peruvian turned into two skeins (137 yards) of 2-ply, worsted weight.  The larger skein was plied from two separate balls.  I learned to ply from a center pull ball on the smaller skein.  I was able to spin the polwarth very thin on the CD spindle, with .3 oz remaining.  The spindle is so light, spins fast and smooth.  

Daily practice certainly made a difference.  The yarn became more consistent in diameter with each day.  And as my hands and shoulder got stronger I could spin for a much longer period of time.  I enjoyed every minute of the Tour de Fleece, learned much and look forward to next year.

Now it’s time to concentrate a little more on some knitting projects, especially socks.  I’m falling behind on my 12 socks in 2012 goal.



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