Saturday Spindling ~ Flower Power

I have a new spindle.  Isn’t she a cutie?

This is the Flower Power spindle from Gingerdog Studio.  I was looking for a lighter spindle to help me spin fingering weight yarn.  Flower Power weighs only .5 oz which, according to this Knitty article, is recommended for lace.

There’s no link for Gingerdog Studio because . . . well . . . it doesn’t exist . . . yet.  That’s the name I’d use for an Etsy store if I had one.  I’ve pondered on it for a while now, but haven’t really decided.

Back to the new spindle.  I was roaming through Michaels last week, pondering this and that, when I spied these pre-painted wooden pieces.  They’re very thin and light and come in lots of shapes, designs, sizes and colors.  The flower caught my eye because the petals make perfect notches for catching your yarn.  The shaft is an odd wooden needle from my jar (the partner needle is warped and unusable).  J drilled a hole through the middle of the flower for a tight fit and added the cup hook to the top of the needle.

And she works!  It has a very smooth, fast spin.  It took some practice to be able to draft quickly enough to keep up with the spin.  

I’m getting a very thin yarn using Wool of the Andes (100% peruvian highland wool) that I think will be close to fingering weight when it’s plied.  Fun!

I’m a big fan of the Olympics.  I love watching the variety of sports and talents presented.  J and I stayed up to watch the awesome London Opening Ceremonies.  We’ve watched cycling, soccer, volleyball, and beach volleyball today.  All this TV time is great for knitting, so I’ve joined up with the Ravellenic Games, on Ravelry of course.  More information soon.

Enjoy your weekend!


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    1. Hi Judy! We’ve really enjoyed watching the Olympics too. I am self-taught on the spindle. I’ve read three books, watched lots of YouTube video, and joined a couple of groups on Ravelry that have been very helpful. I LOVE spindle spinning. 🙂


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