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Saturday Spindling ~ DIY Spindle Canister

Hello friends.  Our weather the last two days has been just lovely.  Temperatures in the 70s with a light breeze and lots of sunshine.  Such a nice change from the heat and humidity we’ve had all summer.  I’ve been spending time out on the deck as soon as it’s shaded.

Thanks to everyone who visited yesterday and commented on my Ravellenic toys.  I was in such a rush to publish that I forgot to give credit to the patterns and designers.  Here are links for anyone who’s interested.  Yoda (Yodagurumi) and Jasper (The Window Cat) are free patterns on Ravelry and the Russett Critter is my own design.


Now on to Saturday Spindling —

I’ve been looking for a case of some sort to store together the spindle and fiber currently being used.  Something to keep the fiber from tangling, the spindle from being bumped, and make it easy to carry.  A while back, Kimberly, from Sock Bunny Knit & Fit podcast, showed some round, wine gift boxes that she was using to organize her spindle spinning projects.  I decided to keep an eye out for something similar.  Although the boxes were easy enough to find, none seemed to suit me.  I did find a plain paper papier mache tube at the craft store.  So . . . 

. . . some scrap paper, a journaling frame, black ribbon ~ my new spindle and fiber canister.  I haven’t decided what to put on the label. Maybe a monogram or quote?  Or perhaps a colorful sticker or cutout to contrast with the black and cream.

A couple of my spindles are too wide, but the Flower Power and Louet are a perfect fit.  I LOVE it!

The Flower Power spindle is filling fast, holding 1.3 oz of the peruvian highland wool.   I’ll be able to wind it off soon and then start on the second half of the fiber.


That’s it for Saturday Spindling.  The deck is shaded now, so I’m headed out with a glass of tea and my book.  I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.  Thanks for visiting!





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