Returning from a Bit of a Break

Greetings!  I’m back after a bit of break.  Much of August and early September was filled with plans for my son’s wedding.  The days consisted of many phone calls and emails, lots of shopping and crafting, and traveling.  And now there are four in our family ~ my son T, a new daughter R, J and me.  Oh, and Miss Sydney, of course.  That makes five.

I’ve tried to read and comment now and again on other blogs, but I’m afraid I wasn’t very consistent.  Now that an old routine is beginning to settle in, I’m ready to return to my little blog.  I pondered on just how to start back up after almost a month and realized (again, just like after all my other breaks) the best thing to do is just jump back in.  So . . . here I am.

The Photo Blog took the same little break as my Ponderings.  And I’m happy to say that yesterday’s posting brought everything up to date.  If you want to see what I’ve been up to in August and September (or longer really, I’ve been posting photos once a week all year) go take a look.  My favorite photo from last week was this one of Miss Sydney.

I’ve managed to find knitting time and will share a FO (finished object) and several new projects in future posts this week.  There’s also been a bit of progress on my spindle spinning.  Both knitting and spinning have been very calming during all the wedding prep and travel.

Just for fun, I’ve done a little updated on the blog’s layout and formatting.  What do you think?

That’s it for now.  I’ll have a wedding photo to share tomorrow     🙂     and knitting/spinning/reading/life updates as the week progresses.  If you’ve stuck with me and are still visiting the blog, Thank You!  If you’re here for the first time, Welcome!  I hope you’ll visit again.  


2 thoughts on “Returning from a Bit of a Break

  1. Hi Janet! I thought of you last Friday when we went to the fair. Someone had made a spindle of an old CD and a piece of dowling! Love the wedding photo!


    1. I love my little CD spindle 🙂 I cracked one of the CDs a little while ago and need to switch it out with a new one soon.


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