Saturday Spindling ~ Dill Heather Finished

It feels like fall around here.  I love the crisp air and sunshine.  Fall Break has started for J.  We have no big plans for the week.  This morning we set out for a favorite vendor’s mall and found a few “treasures”.   There’s a craft festival coming up next weekend and I’m hoping there might be an opportunity to do a little fiber shopping.  

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So . . . on to a spinning update.

The dill heather peruvian wool is finished.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Although it’s far from perfect, it’s much more consistent in diameter and twist.  During the plying there was a bit of mess.

I tried to ply using the Louet which is heavier than the spindle I had used for the singles.  Disaster.  The singles became tangled and I just made matters worse as I tried to untangle.  Eventually, I had to cut and start again.  I switched to my homemade CD spindle, plied from a center-pull ball, and started enjoying the process again.  The next day I untangled the mess and was able to ply that as well.

Spindle :: handmade .6 oz “Flower Power”
Fiber :: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, 100% peruvian highland, dill heather colorway
Weight :: fingering weight, 16 wpi
Yardage :: 351 yds, 2-ply

Love, LOVE , LOVE!  Can’t wait to find the perfect pattern to match this yarn.

Enjoy your weekend!





4 thoughts on “Saturday Spindling ~ Dill Heather Finished

  1. I am blown away by anyone who can spin consistently with a drop spindle, let alone turn out such a gorgeous skein of plied yarn! Very nice!


    1. Thank you so much! This is my best yarn and yardage so far. I’m loving the drop spindle and still have much to learn.


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