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Yarn Along/WIP Wednesday ~ Shades of Blue

Happy Wednesday!  Autumn is heading straight into winter around here.  We’ve had several heavy frosts lately.  The birds are starting to gather around the feeders, waiting for J to fill them again.  Squirrels have stripped almost all the acorns from the trees in the front.  Sydney’s been on patrol, keeping the pesky squirrels in their place.  And I’ve started wearing hand-knit socks every day.  Love it!

~  •.•  ~  •.•  ~  •.•  ~  •.•  ~  •.•  ~  •.•  ~

I’d also love to be able to say that all the socks, or any of the socks for that matter, shared last week have been moved to the FO pile.  But they’re still in their bags, a little further along, waiting for some attention.  Instead of finishing up socks, I’ve been in a blue mood.  Not sad blue.  I’ve cast on two projects in beautiful, rich blues.


Since the time of secret, holiday knitting is upon us, I hope you’ll understand if I don’t share too much about these wips.  The project on the left is a Mystery Shawl KAL with the Jen Lucas Designs group on Ravelry.  One of my first mystery KALs was Jen’s Medallion Shawl.  It was such fun and I love her designs.  This shawl combines cables and lace.  So far, I’m loving the fabric.

The blue and gray on the right is a gift knit.  So no details for a while.  You could try to guess what it is?  Of course, even if you guess correctly I’ll still have to say you’re wrong in order to keep the secret safe       🙂

I’m reading The Wedding Shawl by Sally Goldenbaum.  I enjoyed another of her cozy mysteries a couple of years ago.  Since I’ve just started, it’s too early to tell you much about it.

Well, that’s it for me.  What are you reading and “yarning” this week?  Be sure to check the links at Tami’s WIP Wednesday and Ginny’s Yarn Along to see what’s going on with other folks.

Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy your day!

9 thoughts on “Yarn Along/WIP Wednesday ~ Shades of Blue

    1. Thank you. I bought the shawl yarn (Fiber Optic Footnotes) for a pair of socks but decided it needed to be made into something that would be seen more.


    1. Thank you! Mystery KALs are lots of fun. I enjoy shawls and cowls most. I’ve tried some sock mysteries, but I think I’m a bit too picky and end up frogging before I finish.


  1. I love the blues Janet and enjoy mystery KALs too ….surprises are always fun! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Wedding Shawl 🙂


  2. Q – That blue is scrumptious! I’m having the same problem with both WIPs and sewn object. My kids, sisters, and mom read the blog and I don’t want them seeing presents! 😎


    1. Secret knitting is a challenge sometimes, isn’t it? I had the post written before I realized that “someone” might see their gift. So I had to do a quick edit before publishing.


      1. Q – LOL! Luckily, all my kids are grown and gone so I don’t have to hide what I’m doing anymore. But the nerve, these would be wonderful items to blog about! 😎


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