Saturday Spindling ~ Fiber Gifties

For the first Saturday Spindling of 2013, I thought I’d share some fiber gifties.  I was so very spoiled at Christmas.  I actually have a fiber stash now.  Who would have thought       😉

First, three gorgeous braids from Greenwood Fiberworks.

"Huckleberry Truffle" BFL/Tussah Silk

“Huckleberry Truffle”
BFL/Tussah Silk
"Downton" BFL/Tussah Silk

BFL/Tussah Silk
"Tribe" dark BFL

dark BFL

I discovered this shop a few months ago and love the colors and prep.  BFL/silk is new to me and I’m looking forward to giving it a try.  The dark BFL is already being used to break in the turkish spindle I got for my birthday.  There’s a bit of a learning curve because the spindle is loose and slips some.  I think it’s the way I’ve wrapped the leader.  Anyway . . .

I’ve enjoyed reading and learning about different wools decided to join The Knit Girllls’ Expand Your Horizon (EYH) spinalongs.  Basically, folks spin a new fiber/breed every other month and share techniques and results.  So to help me with this goal,

Greenwood Fiberworks
Wool Gatherings
24 Breed Fiber Sampler

Santa brought me a fiber sampler from Wool Gatherings — 1 oz each of 24 breeds.  I first heard about this pack from Tina @ Peacefully Knitting and added it to my list.  I’m married to the best “Santa” ever, don’t you think?

Well, this will definitely keep me busy for a while.  So much fiber and so little time . . . have to go spin . . . now.

Have a good weekend!


8 thoughts on “Saturday Spindling ~ Fiber Gifties

  1. Oh I love the fiber you received in the mail and good for you in trying out the sampler – hope you have fun ! I really need to check out Greenwood Fiberworks too :). Happy spinning!


    1. Thanks for the info about the fiber sampler, Tina. It’s going to be a lot of fun spinning through 24 breeds.


  2. Q – Best Santa! I personally call her Temptress Tina because she always has the absolutely most tempting yarns, fibers, patterns, etc. 😎 The fiber sampler is on my “I really want it” list! I’ll have to check out the Knit Girllls, thanks for the heads up!


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