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WIP Wednesday/Yarn Along ~ Catching Up

Welcome to Wednesday!  Blogging mojo has been missing lately, but there has been progress on the knitting.  A few things I can’t share, but here’s a sampling of what’s on the needles.


The Low Tide Cardigan stalled while I waited for new needles to arrive.  I picked up stitches for the first sleeve, but the cable of my needle was too short for a comfortable magic loop and it stretched the fabric too tight.  By the time the needles came, my attention had already wandered to new projects.  I need to have it finished for the KAL by the end of the month.  That shouldn’t be a problem.


While I was waiting, I joined the Rock Steady: Solid Socks Mystery Sock KAL.  I couldn’t resist.  I love mystery kals and enjoy Laura Linneman’s designs.  The KAL clues are sent out each Sunday in February.  I’m doing both socks at the same time on two different circulars.  Hopefully, that will ward off second sock syndrome.  I could have made more progress, but I was side-tracked by . . .


my Scrappy Sock Yarn Blanket.  I’m following Shelley Kang’s pattern — mostly.  The pattern joins mitered squares knit from leftover sock yarn scraps.  These things are addictive!  It’s been a great traveling project so far, perfect for the doctor’s office this morning.  The photo is older; I have two rows (18 squares) now.

Picture 8

I picked up The Typewriter Girl, by Alison Atlee, last week. I’m only a few pages in, but already find Betsy an interesting character.

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It’s snowing here but a bit too warm for anything to accumulate.  I’m planning to work in my art journal for a while and then those sleeves finished.  I hope you’re having a good Wednesday.  What’s in your WIP pile?



12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday/Yarn Along ~ Catching Up

    1. Hi, Karen. I enjoy the scrap blanket so much; it’s hard to think of the other projects. I really want to finish the cardigan and mark it of the list.


    1. Thanks, Karen. It took a long time to find the right pattern for this yarn. I’m really pleased with how the cardigan is coming along.


  1. Your cardigan is looking wonderful Janet!!! I just added the Typewriter Girl to my reading list and look forward to hearing what you think about it.


    1. Hi, Tina. I’m half-way through the first sleeve now. So much easier with a longer cable. I’m enjoying Typewriter Girl so far. I don’t take a lot of time for reading so you’ll be seeing it on Yarn Along Wednesdays for a while. 🙂


    1. Hi, Leslie. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! The blanket is a very easy knit. Once the “newness” wears off, it will be the perfect project to set aside for a time and pick back up when I need something peaceful to work on.


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