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WIP Wednesday/Yarn Along ~

Happy Wednesday!  Happy Spring!  It’s a bright, sunny morning.  A little cold, but much better than the weather earlier this week.  Does it look like spring where you are?

wipw 3.20-001

The Scrappy Sock Yarn Blanket now has 5 rows now, plus a start on the 6th (51 mitered squares so far).  I still love working on it even thought it’s becoming a little too much to use as a traveling project.  The Atlas top, from last week, looks like it hasn’t grown a great deal.  The front cables didn’t work well the first time so I ripped it out, started over and it’s looking much better.  I’m ignoring the nagging little voice that’s telling me I’m going to run out of yarn.

I’ve just started Progressive Dinner Deadly by Elizabeth Spann Craig, a cozy mystery – the second book in the cozy Myrtle Clover Mystery series.

I’m joining Tami’s WIP Wednesday and Ginny’s Yarn Along.

♥ Janet

12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday/Yarn Along ~

  1. It looks nothing like spring in my corner of the world. It’s the opposite actually. Bitter. Cold. Windy. All good reasons to stay inside and knit. 😀


    1. Hi, Michelle. There’s also a brisk wind here, but the sunshine makes up for it. Real spring has to show up sooner or later . . . doesn’t it? 🙂


    1. Q – LOL! I went to get the book for my Kindle and was told I had purchased it in September. 2012. Too funny. Just finished Outlander, so this will be my next read.


      1. Oh, how funny. It’s a sign that this should be your next book. 🙂 I’m almost finished now and really enjoying it.


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