April “Ort” Report ~ TUSAL 2013

Yesterday was the April new moon.  Time to check the TUSAL jar.


A few scraps from T’s socks and the Atlas sweater.  Not a great deal to look at and not very colorful, but progress just the same.

More about TUSAL :: Save all your “orts” (all those little 
thread and yarn scraps left over from finished projects) 
in a container and post a picture each month on the new moon.  
There’s no point really, but it’s a fun way to reflect on 
what’s been accomplished each month.  Want to ply along?  
Sign-up information and new moon dates can be found here.

Thanks for visiting me today!

♥  Janet

6 thoughts on “April “Ort” Report ~ TUSAL 2013

    1. I have a huge water jar filled with orts. And I’ll put a few scraps out soon for the birds to use in their nests.


  1. I see so many decorative possibilities for a Tusal jar, definitely a good decoration for the living space of a prolific knitter! I think it is absolutely wonderful of you to set some of them out for the birds to use, you’ll probably have some colorful nests near your house! Also, I feel so badly that I didn’t comment back the first time you visited my blog, I clicked on your older blog and didn’t notice there was another link on your profile until today, sorry!


    1. TUSAL is fun and no stress. I also have a couple of clear ornaments for the Christmas tree filled with bits of my favorite yarns. Thanks for visiting and saying hello.


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