Tea Bag Papers

Hot, iced, green, black, herbal, flavored . . . I love teas!  Far from an expert, I do know what I like.  And I learn all the time from my daughter-in-law, ~R~, who does know quite a bit about leaves and blends.  When we visited the kids for Spring Break, she prepared a lovely tea party for us.  What fun!

A week ago, I started tossing our tea bags into a small bowl to dry.  I was intrigued by the colorful stains on the papers and decided to save them to use in art journaling projects.  This morning, it was time to take the bags apart, dump the used tea, and spread out the papers.

tea time-001

My morning cup of cinnamon hibiscus is on the left.  Used tea bits and powder are in the container on the right and will be added to the compost when I finish.  Aren’t the papers lovely?  I decided to save the tags as well.  They might come in handy somehow.

Originally, I took the photo for the Photo Blog.  And then I decided to share it here too.  Now . . . I need to finish the mess I’ve started.          🙂

Thanks for letting me share.  Enjoy your day!

♥  Janet

16 thoughts on “Tea Bag Papers

  1. Q – Love teas too! What do I order when going to Starbucks? Iced Tea! One step further, use the tea sleeves to make folded teabag origami. One of my favorite crafts.


  2. I’ve heard that the leftover leaves are great for composting. The bags are very pretty, I rarely buy bagged teas (usually only on vacation), I prefer loose leaf teas. But I never thought of saving the bags, what a neat idea!


    1. I love the tea stain colors together. I originally thought of using them as part of collage backgrounds. Not really sure yet. Thanks for stopping by!


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