Index-Card-A-Day 2013 ~ Week 4

I am really enjoying the Daisy Yellow ICAD Challenge.  It’s fun to look back through the first three weeks of cards.  So here’s the next set.

Week 4 ~ June 23-27

DSCN0367#22 ~ “New Floorplan” ~
3×5 blank index card, pens
We spent a lot of time on this day trying to fit Mom’s furniture into her new apartment.  This worked on paper, but not so much in the actual room.     🙂

DSCN0368#23 ~ “Curly Swirly” ~
3×5 blank index card, ink sprays, stamp, stamp ink, pen
A certain cat jumped from the floor to the desktop right in the middle of the card while I was working on drawing over the swirls.

DSCN0369#24 ~ “Wisdom” ~
3×5 blank index card, spray inks, magazine clippings, scrap papers, stickers, pens

DSCN0370#25 ~ “SOC3 Purple Posies” ~
3×5 blank index card, Sharpie pens, gel pens, Micron pen
This week’s colors for the Summer of Color 3 Challenge were purple and lime.

DSCN0371#26 ~ “Quilt Doodle” ~
3×5 blank index card, pens, circles punched from scrap papers
One of my favorite cards this week.  The pen “stitching” took forever, but was just what I wanted.

DSCN0372#27 ~ “What a HOOT!” ~
3×5 blank index card, watercolor pencils, pens, letter stickers, pens

DSCN0373#28 ~ “Doodle” ~
3×5 lined index card, gel pens, micron pen
Trying out new glitter gel pens on this doodle.

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~ J ~ and I took a long walk through the Arboretum today and then picked up the last load from Mom’s old apartment.  Only one car fits in the garage right now.  The other side is full of boxes and furniture that we’ll sort out in the next few weeks.  We were home in time to watch the finish of today’s stage in the Tour de France.  Then I was off to spin for the Tour de Fleece while I watched a couple of podcasts.  I hope to get half-way through the cormo fiber today.

I hope you’ve having a good weekend.  Thanks for visiting.

♥  Janet

13 thoughts on “Index-Card-A-Day 2013 ~ Week 4

  1. I’ve been enjoying this so much I stole it! I am having all the attendee’s of my Mom and Dad’s anniversary party create their own index card to be placed in an album. So far everyone is really embracing it!

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Always love seeing your art and your interpretation 🙂 I think it’s funny how paper scematics lie! I just did the same thing for my studio room!!


    1. Thanks, Karen. The card wasn’t drawn to scale, but even on the graph paper copy it looked like it would be OK. We were close. 🙂


  3. I SOOOOOOO love your index card challenge posts! They always bring a smile to my face, cheer me, no matter what kind of day I’m having. They are fun, creative, dynamic and adventuresome … just delightful. I admire your sense of play and boldness. Just wonderful 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoy the posts. I’ve learned a lot from participating in this project. And had a lot of fun. 🙂


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