Index-Card-A-Day 2013 ~ Week 5

Just over half-way through this year’s ICAD Challenge at Daisy Yellow.  Tammy suggested that we photograph our collection of cards so far.


You can see that I had a little assistance getting everything arranged.     🙂    All my cards so far can be viewed by clicking here or on the ICAD page tab at the top.  Here are the new additions for this week.

Week 5 ~ June 28-July 5

DSCN0407#29 ~ “No Inspiration Today” ~
3×5 blank index card, acrylic, watercolors, stickers
I just couldn’t come up with a single idea for this day.  I pulled a card used to test and blot paints from other projects.  Some days are just like that.

DSCN0409#30 ~ “Two Tours” ~
3×5 blank index card, pens, markers
This is my second year to participate in the Tour de Fleece.  While the Tour de France riders spin the wheels on their bikes, spinners on Ravelry spin their wheels and spindles.

  DSCN0410#31 ~ “Yarn Dreams” ~
3×5 blank index card, magazine clippings, scrap papers, markers, gel pens
I’d been spinning all day and was dreaming of the lovely yarns I would have by the end of the Tour de Fleece.

DSCN0412#32 ~ “Washi Stripes”
3×5 blank index card, washi tapes
Couldn’t wait to use new washi tapes.  LOVE these colors.

DSCN0413#33 ~ “SOC3 Gray and Pink” ~
3×5 blank index card, watercolors, gel pens
The first attempt was a fail.  I cut the rose out and glued it to a new background.  Much better.

DSCN0414#34 ~ “Fireworks” ~
3×5 index card, scrap paper, acrylic paints, washi tape, gel pens
Happy Fourth of July!

DSCN0415#35 ~ “Time Flies” ~
3×5 blank index card, acrylic paints, pens, washi tape, clear page reinforcement circles

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It’s still raining here.  We’ve had so much rain I can’t remember when it wasn’t raining.  Each time it stops, ~ J ~ and I head out.  And guess what?  It pours again!  Guess I’ll just have to stay inside, watch a good movie and  spin.     🙂

Tour de Fleece update coming soon.

♥  Janet


10 thoughts on “Index-Card-A-Day 2013 ~ Week 5

  1. Great bunch of cards and I love the new ones. I’ve been trying to fit Summer of Color in on my index cards, too. I like your pink flower, and the grey background is perfect. (Having to cut it out and put it on a new background just added some nice dimension.)


    1. Thank you. Summer of Color has encouraged me to combine colors that I might not have used together otherwise. I wonder what colors we’ll use next week?


    1. Thank you. I started to run out of steam toward the end of last week. This week I’m going take a little help from the prompts.


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