Index-Card-A-Day 2013 ~ Week 6

I’m still working through the Index-Card-A-Day challenge at Daisy Yellow and enjoying every day.  ICADs took an interesting twist this week.  Several times I started with one idea and ended with a very different card.  Puzzling . . . and fun!    🙂      Here’s the round-up of the next 7 cards.

Week 6 ~ July 6-July 12

DSCN0478#36 ~ “What Once Was a Puddle”
3×5 yellow index card, cardstock shapes and strips, spray inks, watercolors, pen
I wasn’t satisfied with the first card that started as a watercolor of raindrops in a puddle, but I loved the coloring.  I cut the card into irregular strips and glued most of them on a yellow card.  Punched circles and purple spray ink finish it off.  My favorite card of the week.     🙂

DSCN0479#37 ~ “Washi Love”
3×5 pink index card, washi tape scraps, pens
I have a sheet of scrap paper hanging above my desk where I’ve been attaching little snippets of washi tapes left over from other projects.  Washi tapes was one of this week’s prompts, so I cut a heart from the paper and . . . L♥VE!

DSCN0480#38 ~ “SOC3 Candy Apple Red & Yellow”
3×5 blank index card, markers
Random shapes and lines for this week’s Summer of Color.

DSCN0483#39 ~ “Dangling Doodles”
3×5 lined index card, markers, pens
Another card that started as rows of doodles because I wanted to try out my new pens.  Suddenly I had these designs instead.

DSCN0482#40 ~ “Energize”
3×5 blank index card, watercolors, magazine clippings, washi tape, stickers, pens
Background card was created by cleaning off paints from other projects.  Another card that just developed as I dug through the clipping boxes.  Not really sure how I feel about this one.

DSCN0484#41 ~ “Flower Power”
3×5 blank index card, watercolors, stencil, markers, pens
Started a card based on the prompt – psychedelic .  Didn’t like it.  Added a stencil and color with my new pens.

DSCN0485#42 ~ “Leafy Vines”
3×5 blank index card, watercolor, pen
Used another prompt from this week — leaves.

— • – – • — • — • — • — • — • —

Three weeks left for this challenge.  To be honest, I’m a bit surprised that I’ve been able to stick with it this long.  It’s been a great summer project.

It’s been another crazy week and I’m still trying to catch up on blog reading.  I may have to hit the “read” button and start anew tomorrow.  I’ve finished my first yarn for the Tour de Fleece and will share soon.

♥  Janet

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  1. Great cards! I like the use of washi tape in the one with the hearts, very cleaver. And your “dangling doodles” are sweet! (not trying to be fresh, lol)


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