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Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday!  This morning we have bright sunshine, a gentle breeze, low temps and lots of birdsong — brilliant!

1-DSCN0601The Brickless scarf/shawl is nearing completion.  One last section of the lace and then bind off.  I have enjoyed this project so much.  It’s a lovely pattern.  Watching the colors change is plenty of motivation to keep going.


When the last color started to blend in, a pear or mint kind of green, I had to stop and ponder for a bit.  I was at the end of the last repeat and wasn’t liking the way the colors would end.  Lucky me — I had a small ball of solid red (purchased for another project) and decided to finish up with that.  It’s just a shade darker, but I think it looks like part of the gradient.

On the reading front, I finished A Walk in the Park by Jill Mansell.  A very nice read — interesting characters, lots of story lines that intertwine.  Now I’m struggling to find another book.  I’ve started two but just can’t seem to get into either one.  I might need to find a nice cozy mystery for a change of pace.  Maybe a nice knitting mystery.  Any suggestions?

I’m linking with WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along.  Be sure to visit and see what others are working on.

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Buses have made their rounds for the first day of school here.  Even though I’ve retired from teaching, this time of year still brings back memories of preparing my classroom and greeting smiling faces.  I love walking the school supply aisles.  I may not need anything for back-to-school, but you can find some great crafting and art journaling supplies.        🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by here.  Enjoy your day!

♥  Janet

32 thoughts on “Wednesday Yarn Along

  1. I agree with your decision to change to the other red yarn. I would never know it’s not from the same ball if you hadn’t said so! And I like the gradient of yellow to red…ending with a pear/mint green just wouldn’t look quite as nice!


  2. I thought the red was part of the yarn. It blends perfectly. Just love that design. My daughter just went back for her sophomore year in high school and next week my older daughter starts her freshman year in college. I love the hint of fall and the school supplies!!!


  3. I think you made the right decision with the color change. The other one would have made it a “spring” wearing in my opinion and not any season like what you are knitting now. Beautiful!


  4. Knowing this project is now finished, I still have to say, “Well done!” It sure is a beautiful looking pattern and your choice of color including the substitution is just perfect. 🙂


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