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Weekend Photos

We were so excited to see ~ T ~ and ~ R ~ on Friday.  They’re staying a week and we love having them home.  Just thought I’d share a few random photos from our weekend.  There was knitting . . .

The morning weather was lovely and I was able to knit outside. Brickless was finished on Friday and gifted to ~ R ~ as a belated birthday gift.

. . . relaxing . . .

Sydney's had lots of extra attention and treats.  She gave a big yawn when she saw the camera.
Sydney’s had lots of extra attention and treats. She gave a big yawn when she saw the camera.
Sappho was so pleased to see her family again. She woke everyone up very early and then buried herself in the quilt for a nap.

. . . and enjoying the garden . . . .

Morning Glories climb the deck posts and greet us each day.
The caladiums are so healthy this year.
This passion flower was a volunteer that wandered under the fence from the neighbor’s yard. We’re very grateful to have it join our garden.

How was your weekend?

♥  Janet

7 thoughts on “Weekend Photos

  1. Nice pics. I have not blogged in over a year. Blogger changed things up and I can’t figure out how to change my back ground anymore! Ugh. Sidney looks good. MaggieMae is doing well, but I think she’s slowing down just a tiny bit. She’ll be 9 in Sept. Still healthy, but a little heavier (thanks to a friend of mine who gives her some of his food… 😦 !). I should not complain, I’ve gained some also! Yuck!
    Love your garden shots!


    1. Hi Rose. I miss your blog. I hope you can get things worked out. Sidney is 14, has slowed down a bit too, but still a puppy at heart. 🙂


  2. What lovely images … sounds like a truly delightful weekend spent with loved ones. What could be better?


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