Catching Up on TUSAL

It took a little searching to find the last TUSAL “Ort” Report . . . back in May.  If you’re new or need a memory jog, here’s what the Totally Useless Stitch-ALong (TUSAL) is all about.

Save all your “orts” (all those little
thread and yarn scraps left over from finished projects) 
in a container and post a picture each month on the new moon.  
There’s no point really, but it’s a fun way to reflect on 
what’s been accomplished each month.  Want to play along?  
Sign-up information and new moon dates can be found here.

September’s new moon was yesterday.  So here’s a three-month update.


My little container is full after three months.  Inside are yarn scraps from the scrappy blanket and washcloths, tufts of fiber from Tour de Fleece spinning, and cotton threads from the Brickless scarf and art journaling pages.

This month’s scraps have been added to the large jar and my little container is ready for more orts.

Do you save the little scraps from your projects?

Happy Saturday!

♥  Janet

17 thoughts on “Catching Up on TUSAL

  1. It’s funny you should bring this up. I just finished a long crochet “scarf” from little squares that I wanted to felt in the machine and still know which was which, so I numbered them. After felting I cut off all the ends and thought it was a cool little pile of colourful dreadlocks, wondering if I could use them in art yarn or a needle felt project!


      1. Great idea. My instant coffee comes in these quite decorative glass jars with glass lids, that would totally work. Ends in one, leftover spinning fluff in another etc.


  2. I don’t save the strings and things, ends and bits …. although it would certainly make for an interesting glob of pieces to consider using as playthings …. maybe for the cat here. I honestly can’t be bothered. But I do of course keep my left-overs … like the quantity of yarn left from a sock skein. Always some left.
    I have a healthy stash of those little balls that just aren’t quite enough to really use for anything … but I save them for mending or provisional cast-ons, stuff like that. At some point I go through the mess and chuck out the little spheres that don’t interest me any more.
    I suppose the most creative thing I did with these little orbs was A) use some as string for my Christmas ornaments and B) knit random bits and pieces of weights etc in different directions ways etc. It was one piece that just grew as it wished. I didn’t pursue it for long. I couldn’t see the point or usefulness of it; sometimes I just won’t let myself play!


    1. Your creative knitting sounds really interesting, all the color and texture. I have a couple of projects sitting in bags because I just can’t figure out how to continue. I’ll get back to them some day . . . maybe. 🙂 Most of my sock/fingering yarn scraps are waiting to be added to the scrappy blanket.


  3. Thanks 🙂 The bits and pieces idea was something I found on Ravelry ages ago … some really accomplished knitter/designer actually had created these really beautiful pieces by using the “random” knitting idea. It was simply awesome. Shame I can’t remember who it was … it was so long ago.

    Of course crafters tend to be creative types … I’m sure you will find interesting uses for your bits and pieces. Your posts are tribute to your creativity … and I’m always inspired when I stop by here 🙂


    1. Me too. I keep most in a glass jar on the shelf. There’s something about all those pretty colors and textures mixed together. Makes me smile 🙂


    1. I know what you mean, Judy. I’m not very consistent anymore with posting, but I still enjoy seeing the scraps and thinking about the projects they represent. 🙂


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