Daily Paper Prompts #1-4

Hooray for Friday!  It is an absolutely gorgeous morning here.  The sun is bright, temperatures mild, gentle breeze and soft bird song.  I’m posting this quickly so I can get back outside.

I enjoyed the ICAD (Index-Card-A-Day) Challenge so much.  It really pushed me to try a few new techniques.  The very next day after ICAD  ended (August 1), Tammy began posting Daily Paper Prompts for those who wanted to keep the momentum going.  No pressure to do each prompt, skip what doesn’t inspire you.  Just create.

Since I don’t have a finished fiber object today, I thought I’d share a few pages from the journal.

1-DSCN0679DDP #1 – Paint a Rainbow
The words come from a song I used to teach color names when I taught kindergarten.  I can’t see a rainbow without hearing that song.      🙂
Materials : watercolor, washi tape, pens

2-DSCN0680DPP #2 – Windows
This page faces the rainbow.  Punched circle windows let you peek at the page below.
Materials : washi tape, pen, circle punch

3-DSCN0681DPP #4 – Flowers
Flip the windows page over and take a peek at the rainbow that now make colorful centers for the flowers.
Materials : circle punch, pens, washi tape

4-DSCN0682DPP #3 – Drips
This is the page that peeks under the windows page.  I failed with the suggested drip technique, but no matter.  I love everything about this page . . . and the windows.
Materials : acrylic paints, spray inks, magazine clipping, die cuts, pens, washi tape

I enjoy working in the art journals so much and I appreciate your letting me share.

< ——————————– > 

Any plans for your weekend?  I’m sure we’ll be taking breakfast to the park one day.  Catching up with blog reading (I’m always behind).  And I really want to spend some time with my neglected spinning projects.

Enjoy your weekend!

♥  Janet

10 thoughts on “Daily Paper Prompts #1-4

  1. Hurray for Friday indeed! I’m enjoying the day off with my hubby and getting ready to go antiquing and to a couple of yarn shops.

    Your journal pages are beautiful and so inspiring! I may have to start this craft up too 🙂


  2. Ohh lovely lovely lovely! I love those prompts. Awesome and really fun to see your creativity … and confidentially, I’m kind of playing with the paper prompts myself … lol … although it’s finished now …. but still … just giving myself a bit of wiggle room.

    Have a great weekend.


      1. You’re right … some are more difficult or don’t appeal … and that’s okay too …. It is fun ….

        about sharing …. well … not just yet … maybe never … I don’t know yet …. it’s mostly because I’m only just beginning to let myself *play* a little …. Although I studied creative and fine arts in CEGEP (college equivalent) and have done other creative stuff at university …. I was never terribly supported about my efforts by those whose support I most desperately needed. And so most of my *artsy* stuff has been trashed etc. I’m only just beginning to let myself create with *toys* just for its own sake … so I’m way out of my comfort zone …. but thanks for asking Janet …. maybe some time in the future …..


      2. Thanks Janet …. I’m trying to play …. hard thing to learn but I guess it’s the effort that makes it worth the while.
        Hope you have a great weekend.


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