HFO Friday

It seems like forever since I last had a finished object to share.  Three weeks to be exact.  And I still don’t have one today.  Last night I finished the first Jeck sock.  That’s a HFO (Half-Finished Object) in my book and I’m counting it.       🙂


Jeck is a great pattern and the Cascade yarn is lovely to knit.  I used a short row heel and rounded toe instead of those written in the pattern.  This may be the best fitting sock I have so far.  The little yellow marker is there to help me remember where I started the heel.I usually try to immediately cast on the second sock, but it was late last night.  The mate will be started as soon as I sign off here.

If you’d like to see some true FOs, head over to Tami’s and take a look.

So how are your projects coming along?

Enjoy your weekend.

♥  Janet

15 thoughts on “HFO Friday

  1. I love the fact that I get a sneak preview of how the colorway should more or less unfold when I decide on my sock pattern and cast on. It’s beautiful. I’m glad that I chose the same colorway – was a little unsure. Happy knitting 🙂


      1. Truthfully my brain is stumped over how to knit the yarn. I rarely – actually have never – used a published/designed pattern for a pair of socks – apart from a very simple/basic beginners pattern years ago. I’ve always used this as my basis and have modified as I wanted … but this time I’m thinking I want to maybe try something different? I’m still not sure.


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