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Field Trip to the Orchard

After yesterday’s fail, I sat down with my cup of peppermint tea and focused on writing about our trip to the orchard this past weekend.  We used to make a family trip every fall when ~T~ was a boy to pick our own apples or pumpkins.  Last Saturday’s trip brought back lots of fun memories.

Our local orchard has it all.  Something for everyone.     🙂

02-IMG_0228 Beautiful displays fill the front yard of the big red barn

11-IMG_0262which houses the fruit stands, gift shop and snack bar/cafe.

03-IMG_0233All the fun starts out the back door.

08-IMG_0252The hay wagon will take you to the pumpkin patch or you can walk through a small tunnel covered in morning glories.

06-IMG_0240A huge pumpkin patch holds the perfect pumpkin for every child and family.

07-IMG_0251Past the pumpkins is the orchard with rows and rows and rows of apple varieties.

10-IMG_0258Some of the trees were overloaded with fruit waiting to be picked.

09-IMG_0257Just beyond the apples was a beautiful, peaceful lake.  The weather was perfect and we had a lovely morning.

13-DSCN0786Best of all were the apple cider donuts for breakfast on the deck the next day.      🙂

I’ll have a few more photos on the Photo Blog soon.

~ Ò ~ Ó ~ Ò ~ Ó ~ Ò ~ Ó ~ Ò ~ Ó ~

I wouldn’t let myself read blogs or comments until this post was finished.  See.  I can focus.  🙂  I’m off to do my blog walk now.

Have a great day!

♥  Janet

16 thoughts on “Field Trip to the Orchard

  1. Awesome! I can bet that this outing will stand fast in the memory books. The images are great …. I could almost smell all those freshly picked apples. Fall holds some wonderful treasures. Thanks for sharing Janet 🙂


  2. Fun! It’s so wet here no one’s out picking anything. One of my friends just told me all their tomato plants which were loaded with tomatoes were ruined by some kind of blight caused by our crazy weather! And it’s still raining!


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