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Wednesday Miscellany

Happy Wednesday!  This week is moving along so quickly.  I seem to work on projects in spurts.


Journaling  ::  Last week the needles were flying.  This week it’s been all about the art journals.  I’ve been playing catch-up in the daily planner, completed my first handmade journal and cover, and worked on a couple of daily paper prompts.

Knitting  ::  Fiber projects look much as they did last week with some progress on each project.  I’ve also worked on a couple of fun scarves (see the yarns in the photo?) that I’ll share more on later.

Reading  ::  Almost finished with The Inn at Rose Harbor and enjoying it.  I rarely have two books going at the same time.  However, last weekend ~J~ and I took a road trip to the St. James Art Show (photos on the Photo Blog soon) and in our hurry to leave fairly early, I forgot to take knitting.  To keep me from fidgiting, I downloaded Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park to my phone.  I bounced back and forth for a while, but I’m ready to finish Rose Harbor.

Spinning  ::  What spinning?  🙂  I did start work on the 1 oz of Finn for Expand Your Horizons.  It’s a really nice fiber and I’m pleased with the way it’s coming along.  It would come along a lot faster if I spent a bit more time on it.


TUSAL  ::  Last Friday was the new moon and time for the October Ort Report.  In my container are scraps from the crochet blanket (that’s not had any attention for a bit), some fiber fuzz from spinning, ends from the Fountain Hat, and some bits from the scarves I’ve been working on (the rust, green and orange at the bottom).

Photo Blog  ::  I’ve also spent some time this past week pondering the Photo Blog.  Do I keep the photo blog?  Do I keep or change the focus?  The answers are still a little cloudy, so until I decide, I’ve posted some photos about the orchard trip on the blog.  And a few photos of last weekend’s trip to the Art Show.  Take a look, if you like.  I’ll keep an eye on the stats and see if that helps me decide.

So . . . all caught up with my bits and pieces.  How’s your week coming along?

♥  Janet

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Miscellany

    1. Thanks, Dawn. The journal in the photo is made from a composition notebook with gridded pages. It has worked perfectly for my daily planner/journal. I already have another for next year. 🙂


  1. Haven’t had much time for knitting today but I have great plans for tomorrow and the weekend!! Love seeing a glimpse of your art journaling.


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