Gratitude Journal ~ Days 1-4

blinky 2013

During the month of November, I’ll be participating in An Attitude of Gratitude journaling challenge.  Prompts are provided daily on the blog along with weekly technique suggestions.  Last week I created my blank journal and about half the pages.  It’s a petite 4″x4″.  I’m using lots of scrap papers, tags and embellishments so that I can concentrate on the prompt each day.

Here’s the cover and pages for the first four days of the challenge.

2-DSCN09173-DSCN09184-DSCN09195-DSCN09206-DSCN0931And here are a few of the waiting blank pages.


Time for me to head back to the knitting.     🙂

Thanks for stopping by today.  Your visits are always appreciated.

♥  Janet

14 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal ~ Days 1-4

  1. I’ve said this time and again, but your creations – all of them – and the journals – oh how I love the journals – are so inspirational and uplifting for me! I love them. So creative and imaginative – and believe “bold” – fearless – you create. This in itself is beautiful. And so I am grateful that I found your space – and maybe, at some point, I will allow myself to be as adventuresome and boldly engaged as you are Janet 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Pat! I spend more and more time with my journals now. It’s very satisfying. Some things I share, but not all. I hope you’re still giving yourself a chance to experiment and play.


      1. That’s completely understandable – the journals are personal journeys after all – but I think it is lovely when you do share 🙂

        Actually, I’m going through a “millions of things happening/ I’m trying to make it happen” projects that the journal work, the “arty” one, is just sitting forlornly by the side. But that’s okay – for now. I think I have to learn to be more flexible, forgiving and yielding with myself. This comes from years of listening to my parents bitch at me for studying fine arts and questioning the “validity” of it – along the lines of “practicality” – as in, How are you going to earn a living as an artist?

        This is, unfortunately, burned into my brain – but slowly, slowly, I’m learning to undo the branding.

        Once again – thanks for sharing 🙂


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