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Autumn Snow

Just last week, I shared the autumn colors we were enjoying.  Last night’s cold rain and wind turned into snow early this morning. It was a light snow, wet enough to stick to the trees and grass but left the roads clear.  An autumn snow    🙂

The park has a white carpet with red and gold leaves still on the trees.
Miss Sydney put her jacket on to check the gardens . . .
. . . and helped ~J~ fill the bird feeders.
It took about an hour for the birds and squirrels to show up.
I love this one.

I took lots of photos this morning and will be posting a few more over on the Photo Blog.  Then I’ll fix a cup of cocoa, watch a podcast and finish up the first of ~J~’s Christmas socks.

Enjoy your day!

♥  Janet


18 thoughts on “Autumn Snow

  1. i love snow all my American friends on the Sims 3 site have been teasing me all day telling me it is snowing. It looks so pretty doesn’t it?


      1. We once had snow on the last weekend in November and everyone went crazy over a possible white Christmas. Then it melted! We only get a covering normally and not every year. But Molls just LOVES it!


  2. It’s a good thing I snapped a photo early this morning of our snow because now it is all melted! Lovely images, and your dog is adorable 🙂


  3. It changes so quickly doesn’t it? Autumn is always gone way to fast for me. We are now looking out at bare trees with just a few hangers on. Oh well. Hot cocoa as a reward for being out in the cold is a good thing!


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