Last week

Last week, I posted pictures of our Autumn snow.  It was lovely.  The snow is gone now, along with many of our pretty fall leaves.  Some stubbornly hang on and I’m grateful.  There was a beautiful sunrise to start today.

1-DSCN0997-001This past week I’ve been doing lots of knitting, mostly on Christmas gifts that can’t be shared here.  I’m glad to be working on these projects and they’re coming along nicely, but the secrecy has kept the blog pretty quiet.


I’ve also been working in the Journals.  My desk has been covered in layers of “stuff”.  I tidied it up a bit and set out the four journals in progress right now.  I try each morning to add the next Attitude of Gratitude challenge prompt to my little journal (top right).  And each evening I jot down the day’s happenings in the Daily Planner/Journal (middle book).  And some days I play in one of the others.

So . . . I’m still here.  Spending my time on anything that keeps me away from housework    🙂     I hope your week is starting well.

♥  Janet

11 thoughts on “Last week

  1. Boy, these past few weeks have flown by, haven’t they? Love that first photo, Janet. Every year I find myself wishing I’d started projects earlier; good job!


    1. I know what you mean, Judy. No matter when I start holiday projects, I always seem to get behind. I think I might work better under pressure anyway. 🙂


  2. Lol — I *love* that line — anything that keeps me away from the housework 😉

    But in the grander scheme of things Janet, is this not a good thing? I mean, sure, we all need to clean for sanitary reasons, but sometimes it’s the crafting and creating that really feeds our spirits and souls, and allows us to tackle the daily grinds with more thought and attention, which, can then, lead us to further inspirations! Lol — philosophy aside — Enjoy your time well spent! 🙂

    Love the journals – that image just looks so comforting and inspiring to me, I want to dive and snuggle in.
    (Yes, yes, I will eventually answer my own call 😉 )


    1. With the kids coming for Thanksgiving soon, I’m losing my battle to ignore the cleaning. As long as I can find a little “me time” each day, I’m good. 🙂


      1. Ahh that’s right – I forgot it’s Thanksgiving for you – so much to do – so little time – but I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful celebration 🙂

        sneaking in the you time is always a good (lol) I had accidentally typed god – but that works too – thing 😉

        Have a great week 🙂


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