Advent Calendar Scarf 2013

Hello friends!  Happy December!  Can you believe it’s December?  Almost Christmas?  Almost the end of 2013?  I’m in denial.  We had such a wonderful family Thanksgiving.  I’m not really ready to move on just yet.  However, this has me grounded and digging in.

10532456955_fdb93e4da0_zThe Advent Calendar Scarf 2013 KAL has begun.  This will be my fourth scarf and my third year to participate in the KAL.  I had told myself last year that I wouldn’t do another.  When the group started up on Ravelry, everyone’s enthusiasm was contagious.  I decided to ignore my conversation with myself (I do that a lot) and jump in.

Basically, there are 24 beautiful lace designs released each day beginning December 1 and ending the 24th and combined into a lovely scarf/shawl/wrap (depending on how wide you decide to make it).  The group is full of information, assistance and encouragement.  Ravelry group link, if you’d like to join along.

2-Days 1&2Here’s my Days 1 and 2 with the beaded spacers between each pattern.  I’m really pleased so far.  I just wanted to pop in and say hello.  I promise more details tomorrow.

How are your projects coming along?

♥  Janet

17 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Scarf 2013

  1. I did this one year and ended up with THE MOST gorgeous lovely big wrap. It was an amazing fun project. I am tempted to do it again.


  2. Wow, I don’t think I could commit to knitting that much every day for a month. But it’s a fun idea, starting a new lace section each turn!

    I keep doing the opposite of what I’ve said too, “you have an opinion till you get a new one” we say here.


  3. It’s lovely!
    I loved working on mine a few years back. It’s such a great tradition. Next year I am NOT going to overwhelm myself with gift knitting because I really would love to participate again.


  4. I saw that scarf and resisted this year, but it’s fun to get caught up in the cast on excitement. Lovely stitches and it’s a great scarf color!!


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