Birthday Weekend

The weekend weather was cold, gray and wet.  Not especially cheerful weather.  Still, a very nice birthday weekend.

Friday :: ~J~ had a surprise gift in mind for my birthday (on Sunday).  After doing some research, he decided he needed a little help and let me in on the secret.  I’m getting a spinning wheel!  I squeal every time I say it.       🙂       Almost all day Friday was spent on-line researching.  I want to take a look at a few, hopefully later this week, before making a decision.  If you have a favorite, please share.

Saturday ::  We had a special lunch at Copper River.  ~J~ added lights to our new, pre-lit Christmas tree.

02-DSCN1091There are over 1000 lights on the tree and no ornaments.  We’ll save those for the kids when they come home.  I spent the afternoon in the craft room with a hot cup of tea, journals and knitting.

Sunday :: On my birthday, there was a sparkly ice covering on everything.  Beautiful and cold.

11-DSCN1103We decided to stay inside where it was warm, relax, read (~J~), knit (me) and eat birthday cake.

Perfect birthday weekend!

There are a few more photos of the tree lights and icy weather on the Photo Blog, if you’re interested.

I know the weather has been less kind to many of you.  I hope you’re safe and warm.

♥  Janet

12 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend

  1. happy birthday dear friend! a wheel!!! whee!!!! That is a lovely gift. loved looking at your photos and it looks like the holidays have started 🙂


  2. Sorry I missed your Birthday Janet – but the thoughts are still the same: Happy Birthday and I hope you had (well it sounds like you did) a super day! Truly delightful gift to keep you engaged and crafty 🙂 And may all of your wishes come true for a truly special and wonderful year 🙂


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