WIP Wednesday

Hello!  The lovely sun is shining today.  Sydney and Sappho are stretched out (in separate rooms, of course) and soaking up the sunbeams.  This afternoon ~J~ and I are headed out to look at spinning wheels and maybe test drive a couple.  I can hardly contain myself.      🙂          Happy Wednesday!

Except for a secret gift or two, much of my knitting time has been spent on the Advent Scarf this week.  All the lace patterns have been lovely so far and I’m still enjoying the gradient yarn.  A couple of days’ patterns were skipped in order to save yarn.  The pattern for Day 11 should finish up the first ball and half my yarn.  Stretched out, the scarf measures approximately 36 inches so far.  The pattern link is here.  I’m modifying the width and some of the repeats.  My project notes on Ravelry are here.

Photos with each day’s pattern numbered ::

1-DSCN1108 1-DSCN1073-001 1-DSCN1067Still having fun!

I hope you’re having a Happy WIP Wednesday. What’s on your WIP list?

♥  Janet

14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I ran out of yarn towards the end of Brickless and after ordering more, I can’t seem to get back into it. During my lunch break, I will cast on for the Hitchhiker scarf. Started a scarf for Mom, it was too narrow, started another one, too wide, hopefully the next one will be just right. I saved the first two scarves just in case she changes her mind again. Can’t wait to see your spinning wheel. So excited for you.


    1. Hi, Mary Lynn. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have a Brickless that has stalled for a while and hope to pick it back up after the holidays. It’s a really nice pattern. Good luck on your Hitchhiker. That’s another pattern on my to do list.


  2. I’ve been working on a tunic for the last three days, done about 20% actually, even including a bit of frogging! And my hands are killing me now, but I keep going back for just one more round.


  3. Looking good! I am liking your gradient as well. I am doing the full length and width, and am still struggling to get through day 8, hopefully tonight. That being said, the experience has been quite enjoyable!


      1. The first one I did was the full stole, and it was HUGE! Gorgeous, but huge. So, I don’t think there’s a real reason to do everything. And the trade off is that perhaps those who don’t might even be done “on time.”


  4. Q – Thanks for sharing this beautiful scarf. I’m playing catch-up reading blogs so it’s fun going backwards to see the progress. 😎


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