Ideas for 2014

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I don’t do New Year Resolutions.  They just don’t work for me.  In past years, I’ve made some plans and set some goals, kept some and ignored others.  This year’s strategy is to think in broader terms.

My One Little Word for 2014    ::    
I like the idea of having a word to help you steer your course for the year.  There are challenges available that focus on the concept and, although I’m not participating, I’ve chosen a word.  And my word is

Balance    [a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions]

There are so many things I must do and want to do.  Seeking and keeping a balance will make for an enjoyable 2014. 


The cover of this year’s planner/journal is finished and I’ve begun to document our days.  The inside cover holds my ideas for 2014.

  • Intentional health and exercise choices
  • Journal and Create each day
  • Mindful of each day’s pleasures
  • Return to original purpose for blogging
  • Frog or Finish old projects
  • Spin, spin, spin
  • Knit from stash and handspun
  • Make time for reading and a cup of tea

I’m thinking of putting my 2014 word and ideas on a decorative page and framing it for the craft room.  What do you think?

Stay warm and enjoy your day, friends!

♥  Janet

20 thoughts on “Ideas for 2014

  1. I think it’s a great idea to keep your goals and keywords somewhere visible where you are reminded every day! And you might as well have fun at the same time making it pretty. I was just thinking I have this dumb whiteboard with a printed week calendar on the surface here by my desk, I never use it, it sucks as a calendar. I want to take it down and put up something where I can pin various inspirations instead.


  2. Brilliant idea! At my age, life seems to be slipping away all too quickly. I need to get in that boat and start steering it in the direction I want it to go before it’s gone.


  3. Love journal start and great idea.

    Balance – so simple a word and concept in theory, but ahh! how quickly we forget in practice. But excellent choice – because if we stop and think and then act with intention, then we find the right balance. Time seems to move far too fast – but usually it’s better to stop and stay the moment.

    Sounds like a great choice Janet 🙂

    And if it inspires you – then by all means, create the visual space on the wall where you can see the “goals” daily or when working or passing through. It’s one of the most positive ways to re-focus – especially if you are so visually aware. 🙂


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