First Wheel Handspun

Here it is.  The first yarn finished on the new Ladybug.

DSCN1271 copy
Greenwood Fiberworks 100% BFL, tribe colorway
@ 346 yards, 2-ply

~ \ / ~ \ / ~ \ /~

Overspun in some places, underspun in others (mostly when I was beginning).  Definitely underplied in some spots.  Such dark fiber is maybe not the best choice for learning to spin on the wheel.  That said, I feel pretty good about the finished yarn.  I love the Ladybug!  Now to pick the next braid.      🙂

♥  Janet


22 thoughts on “First Wheel Handspun

  1. That is a beautiful skein of yarn. BFL is a good fiber choice for your first wheel project. It’s very forgiving. And a lot of the inconstancies will disappear when you knit or weave with the yarn.

    Since I’ve gotten my wheels, I’ve barely touched my spindles. 😦


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