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Baby It’s Cold Outside . . .

. . . Again         🙂

Today was a good day to work on camera skills and capture the pretty snow.

DSCN1277 copy
Evergreens in the park.
DSCN1281 copy
Can you see the one, tiny, red berry left on the holly?
DSCN1285 copy
Working on close-up pics.
DSCN1288 copy
Love the greens against the white snow.
DSCN1273_2 copy
Finding shelter from the weather.

The forecast for tonight is single digit temperatures.  For everyone in the path of this weather, stay safe and warm.

♥  Janet

18 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside . . .

  1. I like when snow looks so light and fluffy. We’ve got our fair share of it here too. I’m rather tired of the bitter cold (we’ve had below zero temps a lot more this winter…it’s actually warmed up to 0 degrees F right now!). I’ve been wishing it was spring already. But at least I have my knitting to keep me from going completely bonkers!! 🙂


  2. Lovely snow pix!
    It’s been too blustery to get out in our snow. I was looking forward to our big snow event but it’s a very icy snow that is blowing like crazy. It hurts to go out in it. We haven’t got the accumulation that was predicted but we did get the cold. Just yesterday it was warm out and I was noticing the daffodils are already up. I am so ready for spring.


  3. I’m actually hoping for at least a month of frost, we’ve had none yet. All this mud is driving me batty, and the wet cold chills me to the bones no matter how I bundle up.


    1. It was colder last night than they predicted. I woke up thinking about working on the sock yarn blanket. It’s just big enough to drape across my lap for a little extra warmth as I knit. 🙂 Stay warm.


  4. Three below zero this morning in Western PA and snow expected this evening. Can’t wait for the early morning commute tomorrow. My knitting needles have been clicking away. Stay warm


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