Fiber Delivery

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Fiber from Greenwood Fiberworks – wrapped in tissue and tied with a navy ribbon.

A week or so ago I read in the Greenwood Fiberworks group on Ravelry that Carolyn was dyeing a special colorway for the Sochi Olympics.  The group is planning a spin-a-long for Ravellenics.  I love her fibers and placed my order (Greenwood Fiberworks on Etsy).  Late last week, the package was delivered.

DSCN1305_2 copy
Greenwood Fiberworks
4 oz. 100% Polwarth
Sochi colorway

My last two handspun yarns have been BFL from this shop.  So I thought it might be interesting to try polwarth on the Ladybug.  I am in love with these colors, especially the blues and greens.  Pretty, pretty.  Let the Games begin!    

♥  Janet

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  1. Polwarth is a favorite of mine. It is almost as soft as Cormo but a lot easier to work with. It’s perfect for around the neck and on the head things. You will love it!


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