Finish or Frog Update #1

Remember my Ideas for 2014?  It’s time to check in on

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This may not be of interest to anyone but me.  I just want a place to document my progress.  Please don’t feel obligated to comment.  All the hunting for WIPs and UFOs did lead to some frogging and a new cast-on with stash yarn.  I’ll share that tomorrow.  Isn’t it great when things work out the way you plan?        🙂

WIPs carried into 2014

  • Cordovan Pullover
  • Autumn Cardigan
  • Autumn Fields Socks
  •  Hexi-puff Cushion   the hexis look pretty in a jar on the shelf         🙂
  • Sock Yarn Blanket
  • Piper’s Journey
  • Evenstar
  •  Brickless #2   frogged, but definitely will be restarted
  • Mixed Stripey Blanket
  • Husband Socks
  • Advent Calendar Scarf 2013
  •  Later, Gator Cowl   frogged for now

Two projects frogged, one project cancelled, and one yarn repurposed.    WIN!

♥  Janet



13 thoughts on “Finish or Frog Update #1

  1. Hi Janet!
    Good job. I’ve organized my stash also and frogged a couple of things yesterday. I sure have a lot more partially finished stuff though. That probably won’t stop me from starting something else……


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