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Wednesday’s Progress Check 2

Happy, Happy Wednesday!

DSCN1312 copy

On the Needles . . . is the Iced cardigan and a new dishcloth.

Last week I was on a Finish-or-Frog hunt and found a large bag of brown yarn and a few inches of a sweater.  No needles.  No pattern or notes.  Just crumpled up yarn.  Finishing wasn’t an option, so I frogged, rewound the yarn and cast on a new cardigan.  “Iced” seemed appropriate since we’re in the middle of this deep freeze.  The yarn is Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds, an acrylic/wool/rayon blend.  I’m half-way through the waist decreases.  Chunky yarn and size 10.5 needles make knitting fly.

That gorgeous burst of color in the picture is the first in a set of Waffle Knit Dishcloths that will be added to the gift box.  Sugar ‘n Cream cotton in the mango madness colorway.  Love the colors!

On the Bookshelf . . . Still reading How to Marry an English Lord.

How are your projects coming along?

Enjoy your Wednesday and stay warm friends.

♥  Janet

18 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Progress Check 2

  1. Great pattern, Janet, and what an appropriate name for a winter project. The weather sure has been crazy this year. Love that dish cloth, too. Fun colors, so cheery! I just switched to better needles on one of my projects and am hoping they will help! Am trying the Downton Abbey knit along but it’s been a very bumpy road.


  2. love the finish or frog theme, glad you are going through and rediscovering old projects. I do not save old projects they are finished or frogged immediately. Love the brightly colored dishcloth!


    1. I wish I could make a more timely decision on projects. I’m always hopeful that the problem, whatever it is, will go away or look better after a little time-out.


  3. Q – WOW! Those projects together make quite the color contrast! I am awake now after seeing the dish cloth. Love it! I actually just found a doll sweater I started knitting years ago. Have no idea what/where the pattern is.


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