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Listen to the Yarn

Happy Wednesday!

Remember last Wednesday when I showed you the yarn that I was planning to use for Hermione’s Everyday Socks?  Well,  the plan changed the next day.  Hermione’s socks is a really nice pattern and it’s back in the queue with another yarn in mind.


On the Needles . . . The Hermoine stitch pattern disappeared in the stretch and variegated colors.  The yarn just wasn’t happy and decided that a nice vanilla sock would be best.  Sometimes you just need to listen to your yarn.

Some folks were wondering about knitting with the stretch yarn.  I’m using Kroy Stretch Socks — 41% cotton, 39% wool, 13% nylon, 7% elastic.   I’m not an extremely tight knitter and I hold the working yarn in my right hand.  My tension with this yarn is really the same as with any other.  The yarn tends to twist on itself quite a bit.  Could be due to the elastic content or just the way I knit.  It’s bothersome but not a big deal to me.

On the Kindle . . . I finished Thursdays in the Park last week.  It was an enjoyable read and, although I had my doubts for a bit, it ended just as I’d hoped.  Currently on the Kindle, a mystery — The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead.  The humor and character development has been enjoyable so far.

I’m headed out to catch up on my blog reading.  Always behind, aren’t I?

Enjoy your day, friends.

♥  Janet

13 thoughts on “Listen to the Yarn

  1. Nice sock color and good choice of pattern. I don’t like the patterns to disappear! I’ve got 2 books going at the moment, The King’s Deception (Steve Berry) and Song of Willow Frost ( Jamie Ford). Both are good.


  2. I had this problem with my “Toes on Dope” pattern. Originally, the Dopamine and Serotonin molecules were going to be lace, but the yarn didn’t take to it. It ended up looking moth eaten, so I tore it out and went with beading on the cuff instead.


  3. Q – Another good book recommendation. My guess on the yarn is that it was “over spun”. Brilliant decision on frogging, you really cannot see the pattern so the lovely yarn is not the right choice.


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