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Wednesday’s Progress Check {7}

Happy Wednesday!  This was the view of the park across the road this morning.

foggy with a misty snow
The park was foggy this morning and the snow was a light mist.
Miss Sydney was on watch for any dogs or joggers.  Instead, it was very calm and quiet.
Miss Sydney was on watch for any dogs or joggers. Instead, it was very calm and quiet.


On the needles . . . The vanilla socks from last week are in time-out because of an uncooperative heel that was knit and tinked three times and is still wonky.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.  So, I’ve returned to my original plan and started Hermoine’s Everyday Socks.  The yarn, a prize from Karen of NothingButKnit, is Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet.  This is a lovely new-to-me yarn.  I love it and the pattern together.  Below the socks is the re-start of my second Brickless using Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton.  To be honest I can’t remember why it was frogged, but it’s getting a second chance.


On the wheel . . . (or at least soon to be) is the lovely Greenwood Fiberworks’ Downton, 85% BFL and 15% Tussah Silk.  This is a new blend for me and I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

On the Kindle . . . is still the Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club.  Interesting characters with an odd twist here and there.  I should finish soon.

. • ♣ • .  . • ♣ • . . • ♣ • . 

So how are your projects coming along?  Does winter weather have a tight hold on your area?

♥  Janet

14 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Progress Check {7}

  1. BFL and silk is one of my favorites to spin. I love those colors too! I am wanting to spin for another Brickless – they are so addicting to knit!


  2. Winter just won’t let go here. I love that the sock is in a time out. I do the same with my projects. I have a few that need to sit and think about their behavior.


  3. love the socks and nothing wrong with switching to a tried an true pattern. Maybe there’s a mistake in the pattern, check other’s project pages to see if there was a similar problem. Or an update to the pattern.


  4. Love that shawl color! I need to do Brickless one of these days. Right now I’m reading and enjoying The Light between Oceans.


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