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Weekend News

Sorry I’ve been missing since Wednesday last week.  We’ve had glorious sunshine and mostly warmer temperatures.  I’ve been inspired to work on lots of projects and even spend a bit of time outside.

Almost all the snow has melted, except the huge plowed piles in the parking lots.  Miss Sydney loves to munch ice.  She tried to help clean up the deck by scarfing down as much as she could before we caught on.

Saturday, we made a car trip to The Woolery.  There was some sock knitting on the way there and back.  My plan was to walk straight to the spinning section, pick up two more bobbins for the spinning wheel and go back to the car (after paying, of course).  A good but unsuccessful plan.  I found some gorgeous Jacob top and ~J~ hinted that he’d like a vest in that color.  Sold.  It’s a good thing we don’t make the trip often.    🙂

The weather was so lovely, I took a quick walk in the park and, on the way back, discovered spring crocuses.  Birds or squirrels had relocated them from the flower beds to the front yard.

The Downton fiber is on the wheel.  It was almost warm enough on Sunday to take the wheel to the deck.  Almost.

We had such a lovely weekend.  I spent very little time on the computer.  I’m playing catch-up on blog reading again.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

♥  Janet



15 thoughts on “Weekend News

    1. I liked the colors in the braid and even more as they’re spinning. I’ve only spun Jacob once — an ounce from a fiber sampler pack. It was lovely.


  1. So envious of your good weather. Tomorrow may be in the 60’s-maybe and then followed by wind chills in the single digits. I need to spin on the deck too-before the mosquitoes know I’m there!


    1. Hi Judy. I’m still learning, so I don’t really spin with a certain project in mind. I have to wait and see how it all works out. 🙂


  2. Lucky you for visiting the Woolery, haven’t been there in years! Lovely fiber and I’m so glad you had nice weather for a change 🙂


  3. That’s the beauty of late winter – the early siren call of spring tempts us to move outside and rediscover the wonders and freshness of life rebirthing itself. Who could resist?
    Glad that you enjoyed it Janet – and great projects on the go – thanks for sharing 🙂


      1. Apart from the major slush, mud, flooding and general “dirtiness” – lol – I too love spring. Each season is a miracle in and of itself – but there is nothing quite like seeing tender stalks of green and colors bursting forth 🙂


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