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Wednesday Progress Check {9}

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve written several posts in my head over the past few days.  To be honest, by the time I found a chance to write them up I decided I’d rather work on the projects instead.

Two new and one old project.
I’ve been distracted by new projects over the last week.

On the needles . . . Still working on the first Hermione sock (right), turned the heel and half-way down the foot.  I’ve had the Color Affection Shawl in my queue for a good long while.  When I read about Karen’s cast-on, I was inspired to finally get started.  The finished shawl has a tendency to be pretty substantial in size and weight.  I’m thinking I might use it more as a wrap inside rather than a shawl to wear out.  I made great progress (bottom) while watching the SEC tournament on TV.  Then, as if I had nothing else to work on, I cast on for another cowl (top).  I’m using the same yarn I used for the last cowl (I Love This Yarn! Colors) in the cappadocia colorway and working out the pattern as I go.

In the journals . . . Almost every day I work in the art journals.  I’m following the prompts from The Documented Life Project and Journal 52.  Each provides a weekly prompt and I’ve enjoyed trying new techniques and expanding on ideas.  I can just never seem to remember to take photos.

On the bookshelf . . . Finished The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club last week.  I really enjoyed the mystery and the author’s style.  So disappointed to discover that this isn’t a series.  I’d love to read more.  Next up is Time Flies by Claire Cook.  I’m a fan of this author and enjoying the read so far.

So . . . What projects are you working on?  Reading anything interesting?  I hope you’re enjoying your week.

♥  Janet

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Progress Check {9}

  1. You’ve jumped on a slippery slope with that shawl! I’ve set mine aside to focus on my sweater. Must. Complete. Soon. Lovely knits!!


  2. Love all your projects, especially the one with the red yarn. I need to get back to my Color Affection shawl that’s bee n languishing. I just finished The Presidents Club; it’s fascinating!


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