Finish or Frog Update #2

finish or frog

A quick update on this year’s goal to sort through old projects.  It’s sometimes hard but decision have to be made.

One of the projects carried into 2014 was the Mixed Stripey Blanket, first posted here.  It was one of those projects that grabbed my attention early on, was set aside when I was distracted by something else and worked its way to the bottom of the basket.  I dug it our a few days ago and realized that I really don’t have the interest to get it finished.  It was time to frog.

So, while I watched the NCAA tournament on Sunday,  this . . .


became this . . .

DSCN1504Winding balls of yarn is a great way to combat the stress of a close game.    🙂     The yarn colors still call to me and there are plenty left in the skeins.  I just need to wait a bit for a another project.

WIPs carried into 2014

  • Cordovan Pullover
  • Autumn Cardigan
  • Autumn Fields Socks
  •  Hexi-puff Cushion   the hexis look pretty in a jar on the shelf         🙂
  • Sock Yarn Blanket   a few squares have been added
  • Piper’s Journey
  • Evenstar
  •  Brickless #2   frogged, but definitely will be restarted, restarted March 3
  • Mixed Stripey Blanket   frogged
  • Husband Socks  finished, FO post here
  • Advent Calendar Scarf 2013
  •  Later, Gator Cowl   frogged for now
♥  Janet

18 thoughts on “Finish or Frog Update #2

    1. I’m finding it easier to frog each time I do it. And it’s certainly easier than trying to ignore the growing piles of projects I’ll never finish. 🙂


  1. I never have any luck finishing blankets. I have a couple that need frogging myself. I’m all gung ho at first but then they fizzle pretty fast when I realize how much work I have ahead of me. That was a pretty start though.


    1. Thank you. I loved the colors and learning new stitches. Once I got that far, I’d worked through all the patterns and just lost interest. I have a few ideas for the yarn.


  2. I hadn’t heard that phrase before — finish or frog — and I love it! I am a bit sad about the blanket as I really liked it. But, it’s awesome that you can be so decisive and move on!


  3. My Advent Calendar scarf is older than yours, stuck on day 16 and too long. I plan to finish it as is and forget about the rest of the days. Sometime soon, I hope!


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