Finish or Frog Update #3

finish or frog


Sad news about my Brickless.  I’ve had issues from the start and restart of this project.  Neither the pattern nor the yarn are at fault.  They were a perfect combination in my first Brickless.  I can’t explain it.  I was so unhappy that I avoided the project and this lovely yarn deserves better.

Brickless #2 was frogged, the yarn rewound and

A second chance for the pretty cotton.
A second chance for the pretty cotton

a new project started.  The Wolle’s Ravelry group is having a KAL for the Dangling Conversation shawl by Mindy Ross.  I was inspired by so many lovely projects with the color changing cotton.  I decided to give myself a break from the green color and started from the other end.  I love the blue and the knit is going well.  Fingers crossed for a better experience.

The rest of the update ::

WIPs carried into 2014

  • Cordovan Pullover
  • Autumn Cardigan
  • Autumn Fields Socks  frogged
  •  Hexi-puff Cushion   the hexis look pretty in a jar on the shelf
  • Sock Yarn Blanket   86 squares so far
  • Piper’s Journey
  • Evenstar
  •  Brickless #2   frogged
  • Mixed Stripey Blanket   frogged
  • Husband Socks  finished, FO post here
  • Advent Calendar Scarf 2013
  •  Later, Gator Cowl   frogged for now

16 thoughts on “Finish or Frog Update #3

  1. Well it’s obvious the yarn wants to be something else and you just had to listen:) Good luck on the next. I’m sure it will go great!


  2. It’s going to be lovely! I’ve never had much luck making the same pattern twice. The second go round is always a disappointment. I’m thinking of my second Color Affection. Loved the first, hated the second. I was actually thinking of frogging it but it would be too much work.


  3. I totally understand and sometimes yarn yearns to be something else. Love your new project and can’t wait to it finished ☺️


  4. Soorry you frogged Brickless, but that sure is pretty yarn so I’m glad you gave it another try. Did you see that Martina has another pattern called Endless Rainbow? Do not frog the Advent Scarf as I know how much work goes into that one; I’m on day 18 of 2010…LOL


    1. Endless Rainbow is adorable. I love Martina’s patterns. I threaten sometimes, but the Advent Scarf is safe from frogging. 🙂


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