Busy Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Memorial Day!

We’ve  had a busy, long weekend.  The weather was just lovely — sunshine, warm temperatures, low humidity and gentle breezes.

Our weekend consisted of

:: multiple trips to the garden center for bags of mulch

:: browsing our favorite antique malls

:: discovering a new used bookstore

:: hauling and spreading 40 bags of mulch in the gardens and around the trees out front    (~J~ did all the work on this.  He’s the best!)

:: eating lunch out

:: knitting on the deck

:: watching movies and more knitting

So grateful for the extra day.  How was your weekend?





7 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. this was a weekend of family mornings and rain when it should be sunny, and sunny when ti should be rainy, so stopping and starting yard work, and always present – the knitting. LOVED it. Well, not the rain. But the rest.


  2. I had a lovely weekend also. The weather was just perfect for a change. I got lots of things done but I am ashamed to say that my planters and pots are still empty. I just can’t work up any gardening mojo this year.


  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! We worked in the yard too and I was able to do a bit of knitting on the patio as well 😊


  4. new used bookstore=heaven! We had mulch delivered and I think we might have had too much….my husband’s job to spread it though. sounds like a wonderful weekend 🙂


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