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Wednesday Progress Check {13}

Happy Wednesday!

Look at me.  Three posts three days in a row.  Surprised?  I am    🙂

Working on Piper’s Journey

On the needles . . . After finishing the Dangling Conversation shawl and posting about Stash Dash yesterday, I set out to find the next neglected wip.  Piper’s Journey was started in April 2013.  All that’s needed it to finish the lace edging.  A simple, easy to remember lace edge that, if I’m honest, just got a bit boring.  But now, with 5K of yarn to use for Stash Dash, is the perfect time to get this finished.

Last night I spent some time browsing through Ravelry looking to find a pattern for the pretty pink cotton.  I’m leaning toward this or maybe this.  Either way, I need the size 3 needles that I’m using on Piper’s Journey.  First things first.

Still on the Kindle . . . I’m half-way through Allegiant, the last book in the Divergent series.  Still a good story, but I may be losing interest just a bit.  I sometimes do that with series.

• ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ •

The sun is shining bright and hot here.  How’s your Wednesday shaping up?

♥  Janet

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Progress Check {13}

  1. Both patterns are lovely, and can’t wait to see which one you choose. Nothing like needing needles to get one project done 🙂


  2. Good resolve, Janet! I’ve been known to buy another pair of needles. I love that Piper pattern but have never made it; yours is going to be lovely. That pink is really pretty, too.


  3. I love that lace edging. If it’s a bit dull to knit, the result is worth it!
    You’re making me feel guilty. I have SO many UFOs. Maybe this summer I’ll get them done!


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